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If you read my other posts a girl asked me out to homecoming and we had a great time. A few weeks later she said she wanted to ask me out on a date. We never set a date and we been semi-sorta busy. Time went by but nothing happened.


I called one saturday and we talked for an hour about stuff but that was about it. As a part of school we went on a trip from thursday to sunday. We sat together on the bus and slept the way there. She slept on my shoulder and the rest of the weekend was pretty busy. During some free time we hung out along with the rest of the seniors. She gave me a back massage and later I gave her one. On the way back we got a little closer, slept and held hands.


We still haven't gone on a date and i don't really know what to do. Her ex who graduated still calls the other seniors and asks stuff. Some people started rumors like we made out on the bus or something but it wasn't a big deal. During lunch she said "Did you hear that so-so said that were going out and that we did stuff on the bus". -This is just pretty much my background and I have lots of questions.


-I never know if I should call her. We have only talked once on the phone for an hour about random stuff but I don't know if if and how often I should call.


-Like tonight I had stuff till and she said she had some hw should I have called her and asked if she wanted to see a movie?


-I'm kind of just looking for tips. On the trip whenever she looked at me she would start to smile and stuff but I am lost / shy.


Any comments are appricaited thanks.

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Got nothing to lose except... I don't want to mess things up. I just found out I been hired like 5 mins ago so I'm pretty happy. Its too late tonight and I know she has stuff after school tomorrow and then we have practice so that rules that out. So I dont really know when to call her or what to talk about. My logic is weird and I sort of see doing nothing is less risky then doing something... even though I really like her.


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What I mean but this is that you should not worry about being the perfect boyfriend or anything, but to relax and have fun with her. I'm sure that's what she would want, instead of you worrying about when to call her and how to everything just right.


On when to call her, just call her when you feel like it. If you have something to talk about, go ahead and talk about it.


Just don't get obsessive or anything and freak her out/annoy her by bothering her with too many phone calls.

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Well I went to school planning on asking her if she still wanted to see the movie but she beat me to it. First time I saw her she asked if I wanted to do anything. I ended up picking her up at her house and we went and saw a movie. It was a pretty good movie but me being the loser that I am just sat there. During the last quarter she ended up taking my hand cause I didn't take hers . We got to her house and stood in her entry way for 10 minutes talking with her mom and stuff. She asked if I needed to go and I said I had to get home for company which was only sort of true. They didn't need me.


I felt bad because I didn't tell her she looked nice and it was obvious she tried. Just thought I would give an update. Maybe I will call her and see if she just wants to hang out and rent a movie sunday or something.


-I h8 being shy/indecisive

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Hey got another question


We just went to a movie on wednesday and now my bros are talking about wanting to goto a different movie tonight. Is it cool if I invite her along even if my two bros and maybe one of their friends is going? Also even though she looked great I forgot to tell her would it be dumb to get her a flower and maybe tell her she looks great just like wednesday or... am I just retarded?

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