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Update on my situation...


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I enquired about this site almost a month ago about peiods and pregnancy. I went all over the internet to look for answers, many websites have gave me the answer of... "Yes you can get pregnant anytime of the cycle" What they are trying to say I believe is that only if ovulation takes place early you can get pregnant becuase sperm can survive inside a women for up to 5 days.


I talked to my doctor and he said the chances of this happening is very slim, about 1 in 1000 chances or something like that (he was estiamting), or even less chance then when on the pill.


Of all the places I've enquired, I found that link removed was the most helpful. I received help from a so called Gyn-Op specialist... the link to my answers and a follow up question can be found here...link removed


He said that he doesn't believe that pregnancy can occur on day two of the period because ovulation hasn't occurred. He said it required ovulation and a LH surge to occur for pregnancy to be possible. Other sites I've went to have no mention of this. Mind you that this is a high pretigous expert answering this question.


I also check out symptoms of pregnancy, and my girlfriend, if she is pregnant should begin to see signs of pregnancy now because conception should have occurred within 5 days after the 2nd day of her period. Since Sperm can survive up to 5 days (usually 48 hrs yeah?). She should start to see signs of pregnancy becuse sings come by 2 weeks after conception or something similar. All I need now is to see if she has late periods or not.


I'm not saying that I am confident that she is not pregnant, but from all the information I pieced together throughout my search for answers, this is the conclusion i came up with.


So, what do you think? Do you think I might be right? Or half right? Please comment and/or correct me if I am wrong.



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She's overseas at the moment... I know she might take one if her periods are late... it should arrive this week, if not earlier.


Well we had sex on the 2nd day of her period, so I just use that and my knowlede on sperm survival and ovulation as well as early symptoms of pregnancy to give my early answer... its not 100% accurate I know...

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And these statistics also assume a womans cycle is regular, which in many women it is NOT. Thats why trying to predict based on the days of ovulation is so tricky.


Not to mention I know plenty of "1 in a 1000" babies!! So it can and does happen. Don't fool yourself with statistics. Statistics are great until you become one of them

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