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is this wrong..how can i fix it..what do i do?

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I have been dating my current boyfriend for about a year now. I am head over heels in love with him. Yet for some reason...i am only 17...i feel like we have been married forever! The other day he went out of town and somthing bad happened...i hooked up wiht my ex bf...i realllly hooked up wiht my exbf.. i had sex with him he was my ex for almost 2 years. I dont know if i should tell my current bf. I love him so much and i dont want to hurt him. He has cheated on me..this iknow...he kissed 3 different girls but i let them go b/c he was drunk and out of town the other time. PLEASE HELP i want my ex back soo bad...but i dont know how to get him...yet i really love my current bf, Josh HELP..is this normal..for me to be feeling like this..also....i have been feeling so depressed...and more like its a burden then a healthy relationship

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Hi Pandabear!


I think you can see the answer in your own post, if you sit down and breath for a while... I think you are just not ready to be this committed. You are 17 years old, and it's normal I think that you also want to party and have fun.


You say you feel like you are married... clearly you don't want this. Your bf cheated on you and you cheated on your bf. I think you should be honest and end the relationship and just be friends for now. If you are meant to be together, time will just tell. It might be just too early for you to be committed.



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