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Moving too fast

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Has anyone, either guy or girl, ended things with there SO because things we're moving too fast?


This assumes that the speed at which you guys were going at was mutual. So in essense, you wanted things to keep moving forward and then something just clicked and didn't want to do it anymore? Did you just get fear of commitment and run away or was it another thing(s)?

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Thats what my ex did. She started it fast and we connected like no else before. She felt so comfortable with me. She opnened up and told me all about her, her gears etc. I totally opened and told her everything. I never able to tell everything about myself to another person like I was able to with her.


She introduced me to her parents, etc...etc.....


Then all of a sudden Wham!


Everything went downhill....... becoz we were growing too fast and she said this but later denied it, hse was scared to open up becoz she is scared she will get hurt again and don't want to experience the dark days she experience when her 1st boyfriend broke off with her. She suffered immensely. She just coldn't go tehre again.



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