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i'm in love with a 5 year older girls , please ur advice

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Hi , my name is Patrick .

This is the first time i post in this website and i'm doing it to ask the readers advice on my problem and here it is :

i'm 20 years old , i consider myself very mature and i've been waiting to experience love a long time ago . i've had many relationships but in none of them i felt that i'm in love with the girl i'm dating until about 9 months ago . i've fallen in love with a 25 year old girl and she fell in love with me too and it has been the best 8 months of my life . i'm sure it's true love coz my feelings ar getting stronger day by day and i spend much time with her so i know her rights and wrongs and still i love her . I always think she is the one i should be spending the rest of my life with coz we have so much chemistry together . but the problem is the age difference , my friends share a different point of view , some of them say it doesn't matter , but the others say that if we get married ... later on , the age difference will be obvious as the woman grows up before the man so i would like young and she would look old which would coz problems such as cheating from my part ... another problem is that in one year i'm travelling to canada to continue my masters in computer sciences so it would take me a while so i can have enough money to get married to her if i want to . so i ask the reader whoever u are , especially if u had or are having a relationship similar to mine , what do u think i should do , i love her so much and she does too but there are so many problems . please if u think ur opinion might help me don't hesitate to write it . if there are any of the viewers who are having a relationship with an older woman or a woman having a relationship with a younger man or even married i would be happy to hear ur opinion too . thanks in advance .

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Two of my best friends are married and he is younger by four years... I would say that out of any of my friends relationships, theirs is by far the strongest.


In fact, when I get down about love, or thinking that relationships are just not worth it, I look to them and hope that some day, I can have 1/2 the relationship that they have.. If they can do it.. its got to be out there somewhere.. ya know?


So in short, age can be a problem, or it can not.. Its up to the two individuals in the relationship however..

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woow. I thought u ment u were iin love with 5 year olds then *phew* Could of been a big problem.


5 years is nothing. I prefer older girls than myself. My ex was nearly 9 years older than me. And a recent sex-only fling I had with a girl, was 4 years older than me.


In your situation u seem right together. Yes in the future looks start to go, but thats why you meet some1 u connect with on more than just a physical basis. For my situation above though, I would probably think it was a bad idea for me to go out with my ex again (the 1 who is nearly 9 years older), because I don't honestly know how i would feel when im 30 and shes nearly 40 and theres all these hot younger girls taking an interest.


The fact is in your situation, it is my opinion that 5 years isn't much of a gap, and u sound like u get on great. I don't think u should worry, but enjoy your life with her.

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