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to chase or be chased..


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Ok i have a question for the boys our there. Is it true that you don't like girls to flirt with u and make the first move so to speak. My situation is this.. I really like this guy and got some good signs a while backw ehn we were out eg arm touching, eye-contact, he bought me a drink and we had a long one on one convo. But ever since at work we havent really had any flirting.

I still like him and don't know if i should try and pursue it as i know some guys don't like being chased and prefer to chase. Is he a lost cause? What could i do to find out if he feels the same way?

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I would consider myself to be chased for the past month. I think there should be a push and a pull from time to time and not him doing everything or you doing everything all the time. I like the feeling of a girl calling you when you're late to class or asks you to goto a christmas dance. But don't continuously give signals, if you do, you'll just screw yourself over. You can give a few hints here and there


whether you should pursue or not depends on this:


Consider whether you're important enough in his life so that he'll miss you if you're gone. If you're not at that point, you should do some pursuing. You don't need to flirt with him while you're with him, just spend some time and follow him to places that he often goes to... as time passes, you'll know what to do next.

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Santa... that's kind of interesting.


I think bf decided that he's going to persue me because he thought I made a move to show interest.


Basically, we met at a concert, chatted for 1.5 hours, saw the concert together because... eh... IMO he just followed me... I planned on sitting in the front and he kind of came too... In his opinion he was going there too... well, whatever, so we listened to the concert together, and afterwards he asked me what I'm going to do next. I said, I'm going to go ballroom dancing. (It's actually a convention and I love ballroom dancing so I went FOR the dance.) Well, he said... he doesn't have any plans either so he'll come too. I said, okay.


Then, the dance starts and a bunch of guys ask me to dance but I reached my hand out to him so he thought I was making a move to show that I like him. Well... I did like him a little... but the real reason I reached my hand out to him was because we came here together so it's polite to give him the first dance. ...


... yeah. he totally misinterpreted it.


Oh, well, we're together and we're happy.

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