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Her friend is screwing things up

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If youve read any of my most recent posts, you will likely find what im about to say, however recent events have shed more light on the situation. Im a freshman in high school. I asked a girl out to the first dance who i was almost certain liked me. Things had been going great. Anyway, she has 2 friends. 1 lives on my street the other, (lets call her number 2) is number 1's best friend. I had visited their school last year (our school i from k-end of highschool) for a day. Number 2 used to go to number ones house alot after i visited and convince her to come visit me. They always showed up at my door. On the day i had visited their school, number 2, the moment she saw me ran up and introduced herself, and started asking me about my age, if i had a girlfriend, and where i lived. She even came to my house to announce that she had broken up with her boyfriend. I ignored her mostly as i was attracted to girl number 1. After the first few weeks of school, i became friends with girl 1 and didnt feel attracted to her in that way. I met the girl i asked to the dance 3rd week of school. She was in my squad in phys ed. We'd have lots of laughs, flirt all the time, tease eachother, and slowly became closer. I asked her to the dance, 2nd month of school. I was about to ask her in person when we were doing math at lunch but the teacher sat right beside her and it would have been really weird. So i slipped her a note in her lunch box and told her to look in it after she was done, and left the room. I came into her class right before the next period started to give back the pen i borrowed. As i walked in, she was talking to girls 1 and 2, i think it was about me, because she was beaming and their attention turned immediately to me and they stopped talking. I gave back her pen, and they giggled as the one i asked to the dance blushed. I left the room. The only one who didnt seem very happy, however, was girl number 2. Reflecting on what happened next as well as recent events have made me realise she was jealous. I asked the girl for her answer after their class was over. She was about to say yes, but then said...well... i dunno....and said that some guy from camp she liked just emailed her and she thinks he's gunna ask her out. She looked really sad, and apologised, i said it was ok, not to worry about it and walked away (by the way thats a really hard thing to do, anyone else wanna talk about doin that?) We didnt talk till the end of the day. I was sitting on the steps out front and she walked past and said ''see ya'' i didnt expect her to say anything and didnt think fast enough to reply. We acted like it never happened after about a day of awkwardness, and suprisingly she kept flirting with me, and we were almost the way we used to be. She ended up dancing with me at the dance, and it turned out that the 'guy from camp was just a friend' "what a shame" I began to consider asking her out again. However, girl number 2 who used to be friendly with me began to insult me, and treat me horribly. I had no clue what i had done wrong. Im pretty sure she forced it into the girl i like's head that i was being mean to her when we teased eachother about stuff, instead of joking. And that i was a horrible jerk. And i was gunna be mean to her cuz she said no to me, and thats why i didnt say goodbye to her later the day she said no to me. We didnt talk to eachother after some prick had really upset her (she was on edge already about somethin, didnt kno what) and i asked her why she was so tense and girl number 2 gave her a look and she said ''just go away, ur being mean to me just cuz i said no to you!" it hit me like a brick. I had never done anything to hurt her, i walked away to give her some space and didnt know what to do" We grew more distant. We would have short conversations every so often, but i caught her looking at me many times from a distance. I looked back a couple of times....she seemed so sad....i always felt sad too that things got so screwed up. I think she wished she had never said what she said. I wish i could have done things differently somehow....We started to talk a bit more but this past little while things have been strange. She acts like it never happened. And girl number 2 said that she hates me, i asked her what i did. She said that she didnt have to like me, and she didnt. She said it again once after school i asked her what the hell i did. She told me i never did anything to her, i was mean to the girl i liked. I asked her what i did to the girl i liked. She told me that i kept bugging her and should leave her alone. Then it hit me. Girl number 2 was jealous. She was crazy over me, and even on msn the day i asked the one i like to the dance, she asked me if i liked her, repeatedly. And got girl number 1 to find out as well. After school on friday, i was leaning on a railing, near where the one i like was sitting on some steps. We didnt talk, my ride pulled up, and as i got in i caught her staring at me, the same way she used to. That sad look of regret....I dont know what to do anymore.....i still have feelings for her....she isnt the hottest girl there, and there are plenty of hotter girls i have good chances with ....but shes fairly pretty....but shes the only one who i dont care how she looks, i just cant get over her. Shes the only one i really care about. And being so close to her...but so distant, and those looks she gives me. It drives me insane. I dont know what to do. Theres gotta be a way i can set things right. We never really talk uprfront about what happened... as were both fairly shy. But i dont know what to do, please help me....i really need some advice, i care for her a lot. Sorry for the long post

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