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Winter Date Idea's?

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A long walk in the snow... I just had a couple of days with my boyfriend in the snow and it was marvelous. Freezing together is really more romantic than sweating together (well, unless... you know).


Otherwise, it really depends on what you like. With my ex I used to go in town in winter. Just checking out the shops with second hand books, and then taking a hot coco with cream on top. Hmmm.


And... how about going to a nice place where they play some relaxing live music, like jazz?





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How 'bout ice skating?


damn..thats what i was going to say. i really think its a good idea. preferably outdoors, at night, in the city if you can. i actually plan on doing it. someting about an indoor rink just isn't as romantic.


hmm..ive thought about it myself. if you or your date have not tried snowboarding..its fun. i did it once and had a blast.


if you want to be spontaneious..just randomly go sledding. you can never get to old for that and it would be a good ice breaker.


take her to a sporting event. of course..im going to reccomend hockey. (im obsessed) If there is an AHL team near you, those are great, inexpensive too and can be a lot of fun.


bowling is always a fun thing. shooting pool maybe.


maybe go to a game place..somewhere you can play air hockey, and all the arcade games.


hope this helped a little.

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Well, if it snows the two of you can go to the park for a walk, maybe try to build a snowman together. I agree that ice skating is a good idea, even if you can't skate. Maybe she can help you learn how, its a good excuse to have to hold on to her . I noticed you're from Deleware, what part? If you're in northen DE and can get to Philly, they have horse-drawn cab rides through old city, what could be more romantic than cuddling up with your girl under a blanket in the back of a handsome cab? Those are just my suggestions.



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