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Ex still loves me but wants to find out if its true...


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I have a huge problem that is consuming my whole life!


My girlfriend of two years broke up with me a week ago saying i was controlling and made her have to live up to standards. I admited to her that i was controlling, but was learning to loosen up. She is now saying that she wants to figure out if she loves me, or loved being in love. She said she will tell me as soon as she knows which it is, but i am scared of her answer. She still loves me, and still sleeps with the teddy bear i gave her and says she looks at my picture every night, but will not take me back.


Any advice on the steps i should take to get her back?


ps, i am 16 and she is 15

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I have the same problem with my last bf. I still love him but I won't take him back. He is unbearable, but he thinks he is perfect.


You can always have a talk with her and ask her exactly what she does not like and see if you can change that. (i.e. anger management, etc.)

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