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dreaming of cheating

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ok, for the past few nights i've been dreaming about cheating on my boyfriend with some of his friends, or other cute guys that i dont even know, but they are in my dreams. in real life i would never cheat on jamie, i mean, there was this guy in my grade who has had a crush on me for a while and tried the littlest thing, tried to kiss me , and pushed him away and said i had a bf. if i wouldnt cheat on him, why am i dreaming about it? is a dream just a dream? cuz i heard that the last thing u think about at night is what u dream about, and i didnt think about cheating on jamie.

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hey girl,


Don't worry, really. The fact that you worry about those dreams tells enough about the feelings you have for your bf. In my opinion and experience, you dream about things 1. because they live in you subconsciously 2. because they represent something else.


To illustrate, my bf and I had the same dream in the same night. We both saw the each other with another partner. We were both really depressed by our dream that day. We are in a LDR, so of course we both worry about the other meeting other people. It just shows that we care. Our relationship was for me serious from that point on. I knew his feelings were real.


I think for you, that you maybe are more comfortable in the relationship now. You are young, only 16! You could have dreamed this because you are scared that you will hurt him, or something else. There is no real explanation. But your reaction is the most important, so don't worry and say you love him an extra time today.



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Dreams are thoughts from our subconscious and are symbolic, *not* literal. Dreaming of cheating on your boyfriend could mean you feel guilty about something (hiding some from him, etc.) or any number of other things along those lines. It doesn't have to have anything to do with literal "cheating".

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Being so busy trying to reply you yesterday, tonight I dreamt that I cheated on my bf. It was a very complicated story. I dreamt that I first got back together with the ex that caused me to be on this forum, and then I cheated on him again with another guy.


I have never cheated so although I sit here smiling, I feel really weird about dreaming this. But you see how it happened, right?



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