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Pregnant and alone


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I am almost 6 months pregnant and my boyfriend left me probably 3 months ago. We still talk on a daily basis he want to be involved with the pregnancy and the baby just not me. I want him back so bad, I love him so much. I am giving the space I think he needs but he was my best friend my everything.. So guys what do I do, he came over last night and we had sex this happens sometimes. I know he still has feelings for me I can tell . I have 2 children from a previous marriage and he has a son. I want us all to be a family I want my daughter to grow up in the same home as her father. Any advice on how I can stay calm cool and collected. And then forgive him for running.?

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Hi there


Its sad being alone when u r pregnant. But u guys should stop having sex until u figure out about ur relationship. Its fine if both of u just wanna get the physical satisfaction, but from ur post, its clear that u want more than that. So dont let it happen again, and I think since he doesnt want to be with u, it means no sex either. If u give in, then he is gonna have the cake and eat it too.


Try to sort out ur differences. If u can get back together, it will be nice. If not, then make sure he gets involved in every stage of ur baby's life - being there as daddy!


Good Luck


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I am so sorry for you situation, but he is an idiot. I am not going to sugar coat it for you but you should not be having sex with someone that you know does not have interest in you. You said so yourself. He only wants to have a part in the babies life not yours. You really need to pull yourself together and realize that you are just as important if not more important then he is. You are a women carring a baby and he is going to come over and give you emotional stress. Honestly, I would move on. You need to be with someone who wants to be involved in your life as well as your kids. It may take time but please for your sanity pull the plug on all sexual ties with him.




"The only true happiness in life is to love and be loved"

~ George Sand

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Everyone else already said. Cut the sexual ties. He's the one calling all of the shots in whatever kind of relationship this is. It's not fair and by you having sex with him, you are giving away all of your power. You want the relationship and he just wants to be in the baby's life and not yours, but it's okay for you to have sex with him.


You need to move on, find someone who wants a part in your life and your kids' lives.

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