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Need some advice again.

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Ok, I am having the same problem I was having before, You guys are probally sick of hearing it but... Me and my gf still just act like really good friends, Nothing has happened to make it more like a relationship. We do talk alot more, but now I think I need to step up to the plate again, and start initiating everyting, Like maybe giving her a kiss, holdong hands, hugging and stuff, becasue she does nothing to make it more, she just talks, and most of the time is just joking around, I want to fix it, but if nothing seems to work soon, Im just telling her that we are as good as friends and thats all we should be. So, now, how do I sneak in for the kiss if she just acts normal, and always like a friend, Also, Should I see if she wants to come to my place next weekend and meet my family? Anything else I should do? Just to let you guys know, I dont think I would have this problem wiht any other girl, She is different from most girls, And I dont know what to do with her? I guess she is kind of tom boyish, and definatly not a girly girl. Any ways thanks for the help in advance, Josh.

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I am friends with A LOT of tom boys, and one of them in particular had the same problem. He eased into it by first hugging her and giving her a quick peck on the cheek. Not only was it very cute, but it wasn't overwhelming. After you make a move like that, maybe she'll open up a little more and see what direction you're trying to head into... More romantic than friendly. I think it's a good idea to have her meet your parents. In fact, one of the most important things to me is meeting eachother's families. If she doesn't want to, then I personally wouldn't date her. But that's me. So I think you should atleast ask. What would it hurt? Good luck!

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Why wont you take her dancing, then you will have the chance to have some closer physical contact and perhaps things will develop? You can try caressing her hair when you're dancing a slow, put your arm around her shoulder, sit close to her. If there is only one seat, then get her to sit on your lap ...


Good luck!

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ok, lillady 898, made a comment about having tomboy friends, and them having simular problems, this just gave me the impression, that girls like these are just hard to work with, Im hoping this is true, is it? So far everyone has had some great ideas and given good advice, but if it is true, girls like these, being a little more difficult, does anybody know from experience how to handle this?I guess she doesnt do to many tomboy things, but she is interested in things I am, Like, I race dirtbikes, she thinks that is really cool, she likes to ride when she can, Im in to cars and stuff and she is too, I want to be a cop in a few years, She thinks thats really cool and basically, I dunno, like I said, shes not a girly girl, shes someone I can really get along with, we have alot in common, and I think we could really have something going if we could only get it... going? Anyways, thanks again, Josh.

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....I have tomboy friends with the same problems as your girl is having, but I also do have girly friends with the same problems. I just mentioned my tomboy friends because you mentioned yoru girlfriend is a tomboy.


I think it matters more on her personality rather than her interests on how she is going to act.


I would neither call myself a tomboy or a girlygirl, but I know I can be hard to work with for my boyfriend. Everyone has moments. I know I was slow to completely open up with guys I've dated, even my current boyfriend. I am naturally a bit standoffish at first for whatever reason, but after a while I open up. My boyfriend first asked me before he did anything, which I thought was completely sweet and respectable, and different from most other guys. Maybe you should just ask?


I mean, my boyfriend still claims that I don't come on to him as much as he does to me... Which I don't believe is that case at all... But you get the point.


I didn't mean to give you the impression that only tomboys are difficult, because I really don't believe that is the case.

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