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...what am I doin wrong?


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This is more or less a little venting, I didnt have such a great day....besides almost failing a test.....and getting more stress. Ive posted about this girl before....and just to make it short....her friend and her invited me to go with them to a concert this weekend on campus...hey its was free...and I would get to hang w/ her outside of campus. But, since we were in a rush to get to classes, I didnt get her number, and she said to meet her in this certain room in a building the next day around like somewhere between 8 and 10 30 to make plans....well I went and neither her or her friend were there.....and I couldnt wait very long, but she never came.


Well...the concert is this sunday, and I have a ticket....and I know both of them do. Now honestly...I dont know anything about this band....dont really care, but what do I do? Should I just forget it since I didnt see her today? or should I just show up at the concert and try and find her?....I dont know what to do...I never know what's goin on....

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I would go and have a good time if I were you, unless you are a football fan because hell, I would rather be watching the games.


If you see her there, then say hello, if not, relax and have a good time and mix it up in the mosh pit.


As far as looking for her goes, I wouldnt actively look for someone who is a flake. Flakes are one of my biggest pet peeves.

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between 8 and 10:30 is a big time frame to wait for someone. My quess is that she went there at a different time and waited for some amount of time thinking the same thing you are. Yea you should go to the concert, and if fate is on your side you will run into her. try not to make it you whole goal while your there, try to meet new people also.

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Hey nexus532 thanks, cuz you were right. I still went to that concert and it was actually pretty good, but I didn't run into her. I just went with some other friends. I talked to the girl's friend today on the bus tho, and you were right...they had come in at an earlier time and I missed them by about 5 mins...twice actually....so it sucked, but I'm glad you were right. Thanks again...and good luck to me..hehe

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