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Hmm... well so me and this girl have been going out for about a month now. We've both now know we are girl/boyfriend but still haven't kissed, I've been meaning to make the first move on her, but whenever the time comes, I choke and the opportunity just rolls by me. Every time I regret that, "Why didn't I go for it?" Oh and we're both 14.


Tomorrow, we are going over to her house to just have fun, rollerblade and watch a movie together, I figure thats the best time to make my move because it'd be only 2 of us there. I've read some of the topics on here, advices and such.


The thing I'm wondering is, after you kiss her - then what? just back off or something? stay close and...?


Everytime I read whoevers topic and such, give me a little by little boost of confidence, but whenever the time comes, I choke. What could I do?

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just relax and go with the flow. Just be careful that if you think she feels uncomfortable you pull away and stop. You always should respect a girls wishes.


The less you think(and by think i mean worry) about it the more you'll both probably enjoy it, its just a kiss.


As for timing, you just need to wait until the moment feels right to you and your both comfortable, perhaps just as you say goodnight would work, but there are many ways to go about it


best of luck! enjoy

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