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Cherry-coated Vacancy


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Write me into your poetry

Pencil me into your sketch

Paint me into your masterpiece

The colors are faded at best


Capture me in your photograph

Sing of me in your song

Play me into your music

The rhythm and beat just drag on


But note me in your literature

Act of me in your play

Spin me into your dancing

Then watch as it twirls me away


Amazing kiss

Timeless dreams

A child's wish

It means


I am Nothing


Piece me into your puzzle

But soon you'll see I don't fit

The boat has tossed me over

The ocean?

I'm trapped in it


And as I drown I'm pulled further down

Beautiful sorrow

Not quite

This pain doesn't feel poetic

But I feel it rhyming

In spite

Of me

But don't you see?

It's not what it seems

It's emptiness

It means


I am Nothing


So if your page or canvas are blank

If your picture has no face

Your lyrics are missing passion

Your notes have been erased


When your novel has no story

When your red curtain is closed and stuck

Your dance has no form and

You're left gambling on luck


You realize jaded isn't poetry

It's cherry-coated vacancy

The mirage becomes so obvious

Painful in it's emptiness


Finally you've found something

Or nothing really at all

You stared into the darkness

Now to name just what you saw


It's better left unspoken


Unsung, unacknowledged by any form

Don't look for the middle when the beginning is torn

All there is is ending

All that's left is wanting

And wanting is just nothing

When there's nothing left to win

When you only have one way to victory

And that's to just give in

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