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if anyone reads this... plz help me

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i haven't heard from tha girl i have been with in 2 weeks now and it gets harder day by day... tha situation is that her sister saw tha paper she printed out for mah class w/ my name on it and then caught her a week later her on tha phone w/ me saying I LOVE You... after that she told her 2 break up with me and said if anything happens 2 ur dad it will be ur fault b/c he has high blood pressure... she placed a big guilt trip on her... i saw her once b4 tha 2 weeks and told her that i think her sister is holding u by a string and trying 2 control her life... she said no shes not and she is doing this for her... but i know she didnt mean it b/c she started 2 cry a while later and said she needed time 2 think so im giving her time and it was been 2 weeks since we talked... i miss her so damn much and we had a 2 1/2 yr relationship... we both started saying i love you 2 each other like 6 months ago and she knows i loved her b4 that... i told her i would love 2 marry her and always told her 2 tell her sister(who is 27) bout us... she told me that they wouldn't accept it b/c she acts more like a mother then a sister... she knows i cant live without her and told me 2 not stop living my life and 2 go out... i know our love is strong but dont know how long i can wait for her 2 come back in my life... i pray 2 times a day now and longing for her 2 call me... everything was going well b4 her sister started 2 snoop around... she was just waiting i think until she was around 23 2 tell them... she is 20 right now... if anyone can help reply back thanks...

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Her sister needs to leave you both alone. It isn't her business and if her dad can't handle something as simplistic as this, then maybe he really does need to go. From what I'm getting out of this, the only reason anything would happen to her dad is because the sister told him, and thus whatever happened to her dad would be the fault of the sister, not your girlfriend. You should help your girlfriend to impress her values and opinions on the situation onto her sister-this should ease each of you's stresses. Good luck!



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