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Christmas present ideas?

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Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on what I should get my guy for christmas. This is our second christmas as a couple, and last year we couldn't be together. I just got him some stuff that was small enough to post and that I thought he would like.


This year I wanna get something really nice and romantic. I want something sweet I can give him that is appropriate to open with family around. I got some "special" presents for later, but I need ideas for something to get him that is sweet and romantic and makes him think of me, when I can't be around. But I want something he will like and use and that won't seem stupid.


Any ideas?

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You should have some idea of the kind of things he is into and the kind of guy he is. Find a gift along these lines and make it something more personal, something he will appreciate. Sentimental gifts with guys can be more difficult. If you run out of ideas go shopping with him and see wht he is interested in and make the gift more personal.

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Well as far as what he likes that is no problem. I got him some stuff with that. He is such a child at times. He loves yugioh and dbz so I got him some cards and this cool little collectors thing.


But I want something romantic. I was gonna get him a watch and get it engraved or something, but he can't wear them, some sort of skin condition. I got him a wallet and put pics of us together in it last year. I just am out of ideas on something romantic.

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