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was thinking of calling my ex?

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I was finally getting over him. Finding some happiness and tonight I feel so alone. I thought I was ready to date others but by this random guy cancelling on me it made me so sad. Maybe I am not emotionally ready to be with anyone. Relationships are so hard because its harder to be alone.

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Don't call him. Here's why: you're in a bad mood because of the guy flaking out on you. We should never resume contact with an ex when we're in a bad mood. We're not in our most shining moment, and you want him to have a positive impression of the next time you two talk.

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I agree with Scout. Don't call your ex. You are just feeling lonely and desperate, and maybe a little horny since that guy flaked on you. You are maybe feeling a little undesired and are thinking of calling the ex because he called you last week. Obviously, if you wanted to talk to the ex you would have picked up the phone when he called last week. Go out with a girlfriend or go buy yourself a new shirt and you'll feel better. You might even meet someone new by going out.

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I agree with everyone else. You're feeling a bit vulnerable right now and that's completely normal. Don't let it get the best of you. Keep the upper hand and Don't Call Him!!


Whoever the guy was that ditched on the date.....to Hades with him!


You're probably correct in saying you're not emotionally ready to be with anyone. Just have fun right now.

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Well I wanted to thank all of you for responding to me. I sucked it up and didn't call him last night. I probably would have felt even worse if I did. The guy that cancelled on me, I deleted his email. phone number and everything. He had told me to call him later, I was just like yea okay. He had his chance and he blew it so whatever, so def not calling him ever again.

Well I am trying to stay strong and not fall into a trap with myself. I was pretty down so I just went to bed early so I couldn't call him. Hopefully today I can be a little bit stronger. Thanks again guys.

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