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How to go from being acquaintances to more?


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There's a guy who I'm somewhat attracted to in 2 of my classes. The problem is that when I first met him at the beginning of this year I was already in a relationship and didn't really flirt with him..and I'm also not the most flirtatious person. So we talk briefly before (and after class sometimes) but it's usually about the class, profs, assignments and I don't really know if I'm giving off any signals of attraction. I'm also not sure if I really see this as a long-term prospect..he's alright; he is very good-looking, has a nice personality, is smart and motivated enough..not someone I'm really wowed by but I want to date someone more my age, even if the intellectual attraction isn't quite there..


So from that description..does anyone have any suggestions? The problem may be that I'm not - really- attracted to him, so my natural charismatic, somewhat flirty self isn't really shown around him. We're ok, but the spark isn't amazing compared to some guys I've talked with..who are usually older though..


Any advice would help though. The guys I tend to like are already taken, more successful than me professionally, and usually can't date me for some reason, so I just end up disappointed in the end. This is one guy who's actually available (I assume, actually, I haven't asked him outright if he's dating anyone). I think he's shown some initial signs of attraction: in the beginning he'd sorta stare at me, and we've had a few conversations (like one outside of class for about 10 mins. before we had to leave for the subway), he waits to talk to me after class sometimes, and when I replied to a message on the class bulletin board he thanked me in class and started talking to me about it. Also, we always sit beside each other in class..


sorry for the long message. If no one replies which I expect, I'll condense it. I don't have time now though..


thx in advance,




[note: I edited, so hopefully someone will respond.. ]

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more than friend..like going out. I'm not *really* attracted to him, but I want to date people and the type of people I'm usually really attracted to never work out for various reasons..so I figure settle for something a little less than amazing, but at least I won't get hurt in the end.

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