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what to do about my neices bf??

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Ok here it goes. My neice has been seeing a guy for a year and she is 8 months pregnant. For the past month he has been very cold hearted and selfish. One a week he spends up tp 200 dollars @ korean bars and does not come home until 3 am, while she sits home and waits for him.

Saturday night was the icing on the cake. Her inlaws and I gave her and her & her bf a baby shower and the jerk did not show up the whole night, she was so devastated. All day sunday still no sight of him, so she decided to sleep @ my house and i spent most of the night telling how wrong and inconsiderate and selfish he is, and that what he did to her is all the ground she needs to leave his behind in the dust and move on and have this baby without him.

Its now monday morning and when she went home from my house, she found that he came home to shower and took some clothes and left, he didnt even bother to leave her a note or even stay @ home and face her. I have just about had it and i want to keep my relationship with my neice cause we are very close, but i cant sit back and watch her stress out over someone who dont give a rats behind about her or her unbornchild.. I love my neice to death and she is like a sister to me and it hurts me to see her like this but i respect her enough to let her make her own choices..How can I keep my relationship with my neice, but pull her butt out of a homelife that is unhealthy...please help!!

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man, you cant do anything about it , i dont know how old this chick is but it seems to me this isnt the only mistake she has made she probably never really had any real direction inlife....she hasnt learned and maybe she never will. i hate to say just sit back and watch her get hurt but thats alll you can do......there are people you can get to take care of it though maybe a hit man

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Since Dylan already broke the ice on this...


Well maybe you just need someone to show some influence to your nieces boyfriend.


For instance, I had a friend who's daughter was always crying because her boyfriend was out sleeping with other woman. My friend did not want to have to get involved personally because he does business with this guys father. But it was taking a toll on everyone. So they asked me to take care of it.


A few hours later I show up at a place of business where he was haning out with his friends. I went in and grabbed him by his ear and dragged him out the back door. He was begging, whining, and crying...so I only slapped him up a little bit and had a talk with him. Well unfortunately it did not work out to his daughters benefit because now he was afraid to do anything wrong, so it strained their relationship..and they split...so everything worked out for the best.



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