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I dont know if she likes me or not

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well ive been talking to this girl when we ever me and my friend go to her house we always start to talk about things and we punch eachother and we kinda fool around but i asked her out already and she told me no because she didnt want to go out with noone at that time but its been about a month since i asked her out. so i kinda was wondering if i should ask her back out .


WHUt do u guys think.

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lol...its a bit too soon. it will make you look a little on the desperate side. i think you should develop a real friendship with her, understand more, see if there really is a reason that she just doesnt wanna deal with anyone right now. see if you really like her, take some time to get to KNOW her not just flirt with her. wait a little while it's just too soon. use conversations to get some info here and there but dont actually ask her out yet.

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Well she seems to like you more as a friend right now. Sometimes, when a girl punches and pokes a guy, its usually a flirting thingbut not always a "I like you" thing. Flirting can be like to losen ppl up and make convo and not just to express likingness.

I wouldn't suggest asking her out again since a month is kindda short, but try hanging out with her more often. Try to get her number and talk on the phone or something. Usually, a good way to get girls is to tell them a complament every week, like "Your hat looks nice: or something, and every week the complament should get more personal. Around the 4th week, you should tell her how much u like being friends then you might become closer, and when you get close enough you can ask her on a date. Don't go too far or she'll liek you as a friend. Hope that helps.

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