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Historical and Sociological Books on Female Sexuality -including Prostitution


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I was reading a thread on the Sex and Romance board,and it made me remember different books I have read - some of them, quite brilliant. One of those books was a novel based on researched fact which became an Australian classic in literature. It's called "Come in Spinner" and is about the lives of 3 women in Sydney during World War Two when Sydney was swarming with US servicemen. In studying the book, we also learned lots about the lives of women at that time, and why many of them either made a conscious choice or simply flowed into prostitution.


Wondering if others have read similar books. I know at one time I read a lot of Germaine Greer on women and sexuality so think she most likely would have written about it somewhere. I know I read some really shocking things about women in the USA receiving compulsory shock treatment, and I think even partial lobotomy for the crime of promiscuity.


Love to hear and discuss if you have read similar. Thanks.


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