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I have been goin out wit this 1 guy and i need to know how to deal wit him. There is alot of things that i dont lyke about him, but i really want it to work out between me and him.

    He flirts wit this 1 grl all the time an when i try to talk to him about it he denis it even though i see him doin it. He never calls me, he acts sooo childish and is still into yu-gi-o (i dont know how to spell it), he is into the weirdest things, he isnt romantic, he dosent get it when i say im cold, he jus says "yea it is pretty cold", he burps in public, he told his dad that i cut, he is too imature, an he spends all his time on video games.

There is alot more but i can get over those.

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Ummmmm....given what you just said about him...WHY do you want it to work out between you? You are 14, relax, there are actually guys out there you will meet whom you click with, you don't have to "deal with" and whom will actually be a great match. Don't be with someone you feel you need to change - because you should never try to change someone, they are whom they are.

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What exactly do you like about this guy? It sounds to me like you're ready to move on...let him go. Did you say that you cut yourself...or did I misread that? If so, that is more worrisome than whatever's going on with your bf and you should definitely get help for that.

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