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Problem with what to do?


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Sorry for the long post but need some help.


Ok well there is this girl I like (Jane), as you guessed. Now the situation is this...

Jane works with me, and we are now good friends at work. We talk and seem to have quite a bit in common. We seem to be flirting with each other a fair bit, but nothing has happened yet. One thing that really got the friendship going was that her Mother is a teacher at her school (not mine) for a subject I do.


This made Jane to get her Mum to give me notes and such, and Jane her self had notes from when she did the subject. Through out the year Jane helped me with Psych with messages and phone calls, and at work.


After mid year exams I sent Jane and her Mum a Thank you card, for all the help (get in the good bocks here). Now after final exams I want to ask her out and thank her for all the help. Here come the question..


Would this be a good way to ask her out and a good idea to go with dinner. This would occur after we finish work. Here is an idea how I would ask her. After work, when leaving just start to talk and then add in


"How much I appreciated all the help you gave me during the year, I can't imagine how many phone calls and messages we exchanged. I was going to get another card, but I thought it would not really say how much I want to thank you. How would you like to come out to dinner one night this week, for a proper thank you?"


If I get a good answer yes. Well I can go from there to ask for a real date.

What do you think, Comments/suggestions?

Thanks for sticking with me on this one

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I say definitely ask her out for dinner. And then just see how things go from there. If you guys have been flirting at your job, and she's really interested in you, you'll probably find she's still flirting with you at dinner. Just go with the flow and watch how things unfold. I think you'll have a pretty good idea of how she feels about you as the night goes on.


And if you're still unsure by the end of the night about how she feels, just say something about how much fun you had, and that you guys should try going out again. Her response to that should give you a pretty good idea about how she feels.


Hope that helps.

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I was worried if dinner was to cheesy or not. I also had another idea, would it be bad to go to her house and do it. I have dropped her home a few times, so no stalking from her point of view. Which is better, after work, or at her house?

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I don't see anything at all cheesy about asking her out for dinner as a thank you. The only thing I would be cautious about is going overboard. Make sure you keep it simple, and fun.


And as to going over to her house. I'd say wait. When you see her at work next, bring it up. There should be plenty of chances then. But I think going to her house to ask her might seem a little overanxious.

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