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i've been talking to this girl on and off for about 2 years.

we never have time to see each other but when we do, the feelngs for each other are clearly there.

now what i don't get is that i'm attracted to her and she is to me. but for the last 2 days she never returned my calls. we were supposed to go out on saturday, but when i call her to confirm the date, she never returned my call. do you think that she is just playing me. i don't know if i should call her anymore since i've been the one who calls and then she returns my calls. i feel like and idiot

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Ahh, don't worry about it. Something like that just happened to me, and I don't feel like an idiot. If you see her in person, that helps. If she doesn't answer ur question, she's not "interested". If she says something good, then u got a date. The girl I last liked gave all the signals that she liked me (unintentionally), but she didn't like me back.


Just see how things go.


Maybe she's really busy ir somethin' but u have to see her in person. She's can't run or hide, and if she does, then u know ur answer.

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From my experiences, it has never worked. You have to tell them in person, or if you can' do that by phone. Everything can go wrong when u send an E-Mail - u can't see or hear her, someone else can open it up or be there, it just doesn't work well.

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shoot...i already did it. great now i put more fuel in the fire.

i dunno if anyone has experienced this but i tend to fall for girls quckly.

it's been 3 years since my last serious relationship and now that i met this girl and really like her, i guess i miss all that. that's why i am so anxious about her. do you think i should ease off and see how she handles it. in the back of my head i sorta know that she'll just move away from me

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