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a friend of mine invited me to a show she will be in next week. tickets for the show are about $25 and i don't have that kind of money to spend (money is tight now). i don't want to let her know that is the reason i won't be going...what other excuse can i give her? it is friday night.



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Tell her you have other plans. Tell her you have to do a "family thing" Tell her that you have to work.


Of course I wouldn't recomend lying to a friend. Just tell her that you are tight on funds and would love to go but just can't this time. Say sorry and leave it at that. It's much easier to tell the truth then make up lies, TRUST ME.


She will understand if not she isn't much of a friend in the first place.

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I agree with Scout. You already said that you are interested in this friend just not the show. Spend the money, if this is the case!


If you just don't want to spend the money on this show because you really aren't that interested in it, but like the friend and want to spend time with her then tell her you aren't that interested in the show and suggest doing something else with her.

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She's in the show. I just went back and read it. Okay, I missed that part. Dude, you need to go to the show to support your friend. You are being way TOO cheap! [-X Don't lie to her and tell her you don't have the money because it sounds like you do since you just bought a new house and she's likely to realize it. Fork out the $25 if she's a good friend. If you don't she'll be really hurt. I would be!

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Scout is right. Really good friends are too hard to find. I would do almost anything to keep my friendship going with my best friend, even if what she wanted to do at a particular time wasn't neccessarily what I wanted. I think as far as friends are concerned, nothing is worse than them wanting to do something with you and then you declining.

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Now I feel bad... I just told her I already had plans for that evening. I know..I shouldn't have lied, but thought she wouldn't buy the money thing. It's actually a bodybuilding show..she's a bodybuilder. I've been before and these shows are so boring! It's a bunch of men and women flexing their muscles in bikinis. not my thing, but I know it means a lot to my friend. maybe I'll show up anyway.

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