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Should I or should I not cheer an ex-boyfriend?

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My ex boyfriend is ignoring me when I tried to cheer him up. Our results for final exam came out and it turns out that my results was higher than his, considering that I rarely have the time to study due to the sickness I'm suffering and now he won't talk to me. I know that he's sad and needed time to be alone but it breaks my heart seeing him all frustrated and dissapointed with himself that he can't actually achieve an excellence results when he studied his ass off while I, on the other hand, rarely have the time to study as much as he did.. What should I do? Is there any techniques to cheer an exboyfriend with a slight chance that we might get back together or should I just do nothing and let him be alone? I had tried calling him, texting him, but to no avail. He did, however Im me, asking me to find another guy instead. I know that he's sad but I don't want him to hate me!


Ps I want to move on but I still want him back. Help me

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An ex who is unsure about their decision will keep in touch, reply to your texts, emails etc but your ex has not. In fact, he has done completely the opposite and made it clear that he wants you to leave him alone and move on, so accept his decision as final and do that. I know its hard and it hurts like hell, but if you keep contacting him the very thing you fear most will happen -and that is that he WILL hate you.


Also, you are assuming that he might need you, when in fact he might be disappointed with his results but also doing very well and has moved on.


This is about your need, not his. Think about it.

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He did. It's been 2 months since the breakup. I've been trying to stay NC but now that this had happened, I don't have the heart to not be there for him when he might needed me

If he wanted you to be there for him he would have responded to you and, really, it isn't your responsibility to be there for him anymore. I think you have convinced YOURSELF that you need to be there for him and therefore given yourself a reason to reach out to him. He has read your texts, he knows you have called him but he is an ex and he has responded accordingly.

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