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Why is it so easy to move on?

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Will we ever know the real answer to this? It's all I've been thinking about since last night, since my ex jumped into another relationship.


She was with me for a year but she's moved on. She's in another relationship. Hell, she was in another relationship whilst she was with me, towards the ending of me and her.


It's not fair.

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It isn't fair bro but we 'll probably never know the answer..i think if you are a person of character and morals who couldn't ever imagine doing that to someone, it's impossible to comprehend someone else doing it.

On the other hand, if you're someone with low character and no respect for your common man then people like that do things like this without even a second thought on what you've done and how you've hurt another.

It's f**ked up but some people are just on a lower level bro, find happiness in the fact it'll all catch up to her one day and you can strut passed the trainwreck smiling, puffing on a cigar

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tehehe...The poster is a female so she was in a female-female relationship...Having had the same done to me I think that some people just can't handle being alone. They're the types who are desperately looking for love but have no real substance to stick through the hard times once they're in a relationship. Some relationships don't work out for genuine reasons but with some stories you read on here its like some people couldn't be bothered putting the hard yards in because it was all a little too much when it really wasn't. They think that they're going to find the best next thing and that there next relationship will be the one that finally makes them happy. Wrong! My ex-gf was one of those. She'd admitted she'd been in a relationship with a different person pretty much every year for the last 20 years or so (she's 11 years older than me). I could tell from the outset she wasn't a happy individual despite the fact she was quite successful in her career and her family are stable in relationships (her parents are still together after many years and even her two sisters are in long-standing marriages). Why she had to be the flaky one out of the lot is beyond me and I knew she wasn't happy but I also knew that I couldn't fix any pre-existing issues she may have had. You do as much as you can for the ones you love but if they're deeply unhappy within themselves then really its up to them to figure out what will make them happy and no I don't mean jumping from relationship to relationship because that won't fix the core issues and history will just keep repeating itself. People like that get lonely, they want love too but they lack substance and a moral fibre. They're also incredibly selfish- they're most concerned with making sure they're happy and content at the expense of anyone else. Don't try to understand that kind of mentality. Stay true to yourself. My experiences haven't made me bitter - I just tell myself that its a lesson learnt and that next time I'll read the warning signs better. Don't give up on love. There are alot of rotten eggs in this world but if this site is anything to go by I also believe that there are still alot of good-hearted souls in this world. Good luck!

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There are many reasons really. My ex is definitely one of those who has to be in a relationship all the time. It's generally a bad sign and I knew it from the start but I just seemed to overlook. I guess that's what love does to your judgement.


I wouldn't worry about it too much. I know everybody says it but the more time and effort to put into yourself, the less you'll think about the past. Onwards.

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