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  1. I'm missing you so much right now. More than I ever have I reckon it's because summer's coming which always reminds me of you. Plus it kind of sucks that everytime I discover a really cool indie band (which happens often), I instantly think of you and wish I could introduce them to you. It's just all very silly how often I still think of you. And it's silly how I think you're the only person who can save me like you did the first time we met. Ugh, I don't really know what I expect from you. I guess nothing. I guess I just need to find somebody to help me fall out love with you. Again,
  2. Hey, Was just thinking of you today. I still worry about you and hope that life will treat you well. Take care.
  3. I've come to realise that I often think of you every Sunday. I'm not really sure why but I don't exactly enjoy it. I know I still love you and I hate that but I also know that I would never take you back...I think... I know you don't think so but I think you kinda owe me. But you would never come back and apologise to my face. I guess you just want to ignore everything that happened and I wish I could do the same but I constantly relive those special moments we had wondering whether I'd feel like that about someone again. I hope I can. I guess I'm just sorry I fell for you. I kinda wi
  4. I'm really sorry that you text me the other day saying that you got cheated on. And I really appreciate you apologising to me for the times you cheated on me. I know that most people would tell me not to worry about you and to think about my own life more. But I do still care about you so much. I have so much to tell and ask you but will probably never get the chance. I just hope we can find a way of being in each other's life again. I miss you. And let's be honest, I still live you too
  5. I disagree with the notion that the break-up is closure. People say it all the time but as the person who got their heart broken, I think the least we deserve is an explanation and what the last however many years were about. To this day, 1 year 8 months I still cry about the lack of closure. I'm constantly questioning myself on why I think the relationship when all I want is to be able to look forward. So yes, the lack of closure is definitely hampering my recovery. It sucks because I don't think I'll ever get an explanation which means the questions could be haunting me for a long time.
  6. I know in my head that it's over. But my heart always disagrees. I'm trying to seek all the help I can get and sometimes it helps. But you know you were the only one I could trust. Were! So what do I do now? Still wish you'd call. When I'm ready, I'll write you a letter. It was always our best form of communication.
  7. Just a quick question? Wasn't sure where else to put this but this is probably the most appropriate place. It's my ex's bday tomorrow and I was thinking of sending her a bday text. Do you think this is a good idea even though we don't really talk anymore? The reason why I want to wish her a happy birthday is because I still care about her even if she doesn't care about me anymore...
  8. Kinda against the point of this thread but I texted you again. I really do wish we can talk and be friends again. My only solace (if you can even call it that) is in new music I discover. The irony though is that occasionally I discover a new band where I'm like "This is so you!" and then try for the rest of the day not to send it to you. Well, you know that that didn't always happen, not that you read my texts anymore. Call me.
  9. I really badly want to contact my ex atm. It's that time again where I really miss her and just want to know how she's doing. This sucks. I've been so tempted to message her a few times today but haven't quite done it. This is hard. Edit: ****, I just failed. Held it off all day as well! I suck.
  10. Hey, I've been struggling quite badly lately. I really miss you. I think Im gonna have to break nc again. Please please this time can we actually talk. I really need you in my life again. I love you.
  11. Hey, Im sorry about everything. We havent spoken in so long Im beginning to forget the sound of your voice and that scares me. I know you want me to get over you but i dont wanna forget you. It's just tough cos my greatest source of support and comfort was you and your family and now I have neither. I just don't where i am and where I'm going or who i am. on the one hand you've made me who am today and youve taught me to be a better and happier person. But you also broke me even though its not really your fault. I guess im just sorry that my idealistic ways meant that I just couldnt
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