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Unanswered questions after break up...


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Hi,so...there are lot's of questions remaining unanswered,what do you do if you break up all of a sudden?Im just curious if she was cheating on me back then in the summer,where she left for her parents for 10 days...or I should not know at all...I want her to confess about her behaviour so I can hate her and never look back...otherwise Im going to call her some day...and may regret a lot...I want answers,but cant get it right now...what to do really???

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All you can do is make peace with the fact that you can't always get the answers you seek and even if you do, it wont change anything. You wont get a confession and you dont need to hate her to move on. You only need to stop thinking about what she did.


Sometimes closure only comes when you decide you wont ever get closure from them. Sometimes you have to give closure to yourself.

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One thing I learned is you won't ever know for certain what the other person did or thinks. It's a hard pill to swallow but accepting it is really all you can do for your own peace of mind.


I wanted to know exactly the circumcstances of when, why, how when my ex broke up with me. How many times did she cheat? When did she start falling for this other guy? Did she fall out of love with me ages ago? All of that and the answers she had never made me feel better. I don't even know to believe her or not, you can't trust an ex because they don't care about you as much as you thought.


All you can do is try to move on and eventually while you go on with your life, these questions won't matter as much anymore.

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Sometimes (lots of times) you never get all the answers. It sucks and can be difficult to accept, but that's how it is. If you had investigated it back then it would have made sense, but now it seems kind of pointless. I wouldn't call her to ask about it. Who knows if you'd get the truth from her anyway.


I understand the feeling because I had a ton of questions for one of my exes. I never asked him because he was a liar and a no-good anyway, who didn't want to be with me anymore. After awhile (a long while) it didn't matter anymore. I just knew that I was better off without him. One day you will see it too.

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