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Was I right to break it off?


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I (m,25) recently went out with an old co-worker (f,24) I knew 3 years back. I always thought she was cute and outgoing and liked her back then but had a gf at the time. I invited her to an event on New Years and we really hit it off and started dating since then. The one thing that bothered me from the start is that she dated my cousin for a short period of time about 2 years ago. Even though I am not necessarily close to him, it did bother me a bit because A) I never told him and B) he is a player and was sort of repulsed that she would be interested in him.

Anyways we dated for and did our best to not let that get in the way. Everything was going well until she stood me up at a dinner I invited her to at my house with my roommates. When I called her to see where she was she said "I forgot." A couple days later she texted me that we "needed to talk." She basically said she didn't feel that we communicated well and felt that our conversations did not flow well and that she had more to talk about with other people she was meeting. To me that meant that she was no losing interest in me and that there was someone else that had showed interested in her who she wanted to pursue.

At the time we said we'll work on it, but after a few days of turmoil and much deliberation in my head, I decided it was not worth it to work on a relationship if she had already checked out. A lesson learned from past relationships. So I called her and told her I did not want to continue because I did not feel she was all there and she agreed. Went pretty smoothly and I had accepted it since I had spent the past few days in complete depression. Its been a week since the break up and I have not contacted her at all. She hasn't either except for some comments on social media sites. I got over the bad part, but still wonder if I should have given it a shot. Was I right to not to try and make it work?

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You made the right choice.


Whenever I've had a girl flake on a date and not communicate very much, it meant they weren't interested.


At least she was upfront with you and said it wasn't working for her, instead of stringing you along.


Just move on, realize that not everyone is meant to be together, and be appreciative that she was honest.

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