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long distance relationship


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hey guys i need some help, so im im a long distance relationship with a girl and she wants to visit, but her parents and my parents dont know about us and would probably freak out if they found out, so whats a good cover story for us and why she lives so far away? and a reason for her to come to where i live, she lives in mass. and i live in cali.


[edit] we are both 16 [edit]

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At 16, there is not really a way to travel to see her without parental knowledge and there really is no way for her to come to you because of that also. I think that you should not lie and cover. If she happens to have relatives there and she visits them, that is one thing - but apart from that I am afraid you will have to wait until you are 18, sorry to say. Why not just come clean and say a friend from massachusetts would like to come and visit? If your parents agree to let her stay (NOT IN YOUR ROOM, of course), then great. But if not, then wait.

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