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having some problems...

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Hey everyone!!

Ok, this is kinda long, but I think I may need help:

Ok, I used to be friends of some people. A couple of them from my old school, and one I met in this site. Well, so the ones from my old school were a girl I had a huge crush on and her friend. They both acted pretty weird. So, I seriously wanted to be their friends in the start, but gave it up after several times of trying to make a conversation and saying nice things but being treated like a buffoon. And the friend I met here had an argument with me. We discussed about the girl I used to have a crush on liking me or not. I said she didn't, because she always was kicking me to the curb. But my friend said she did, and asked me for her screenname for AIM, and I gave it to her, and they talked and she told me to say some nice things. So, I figured I had nothing to lose back then (but now I realized how stupid I was...) and did it without giving it a second thought. Anyway, so, I got angry because all I felt is like I gave that girl an ego boost. That's seriously the impression I got. I told my friend, and she got angry and said I talk too much, and we never spoke again. Well, actually, there were several attempts by my part to say that I never meant to make her angry, but it didn't work. A couple of weeks later I asked for her phone number and she didn't want to give it to me... that's how much she trusted me... So, I know I was right all the time, and I stopped giving importance to these things a long time ago because the girl I used to have a crush on is simply quite the opposite of what I thought she would be and because my friend wasn't a real friend (what friend would not speak to another friend for 3 months for such a stupid reason?). Anyway, I'm feeling paranoid about stuff going on and them saying stuff on my back... again, I don't give it too much importance, but I kinda feel like I'm running away... I wish I could confront them and say what I think and how disappointed I am at how things turned out when all I was trying to do was being friendly... What do you suggest I do?

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This is probably really cliche, but I say trust what your heart feels about the situation. Give some thought on where your friends actually stand as "friends". (Was she there for me? What does she show as a good "friend"?, etc.). If you find that its worth it, I say try, try again. If you haven't done it already, keep trying to find a time to confront your friend and talk with her. Tell her everything you can, push her to the point were she can see the pointlessness of the silly argument between friends. If then you are stressed to the point of seeing the pointlessness of your effort to save a friendship, then you are probably right, maybe she is'nt that good of a friend. But if (I hope it doesnt come to this) she is seen as not a good friend, that can't stop you from being a good aquaintence. I hope this helps a bit, and good luck with the situation.

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