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How to get over the ex when we work together

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Hello all.

I am 4.5 months out of the BU . Lived together for 8.5 years with my two sons. Broke up he supposedly meet and Started to date gf soon after ,4 weeks later engaged 4weekes later married.


Now I have grown etc lost weight etc. basically been getting a better version of my old self whome I love dearly now. I actually look amazing and feel better than before ( I am 42 the ex is 44 and his wife 26)

But the ex and I work together and I would be considered like a boss to him. We don't work side by side but he works close by and constantly texts me work stuff and we see each other we chit chat and we work on projects together that we started before the breakup. I am trying to be casual and very oh like not cold but not all" oh please love" bs cause that's not me. I don't bring up the past ...only when the group conversation warrants it. And I never mention the kids or any other conversation about us at all cause he is after all married and this women doesn't not play that .


But I am finding it hard not to think about him or go over why it feel apart or just wanting to say something different when we broke up. I find myself comparing myself to them or wondering what he is doing and if I am just boring and pathetic cause I am a mom that has to take care of her family and not get out much. I don't have a lot of local friends I like to hang with . And there isn't much to do here except sex and drinking ( very rural area) plus I a, trying to save money for eldest kids graduation and summer trip.

I think a lot ,over think. Not just about this...my job is stressful and he was someone I could talk to but ..even though he was very happy i said we could be friends we aren't and even I am not delusional to think we would be .

Because of work it is harder to get past it. I like nothing better than for them to move away like his wife said they were....though it feels like he wants to stay now.

I feel like I just want it all to go away so I can just heal and move on with my life..


Oh and he still has some stuff at my house and car door opener...no hurry to get his crap it seems




ADVICE?..pretty please.



Ps can I burn a gift he went to a lot of trouble to make early on in the relationship ? I do love it but it is huge painful reminder of once which was or should I hold off..

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