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Am I Missing Something here?

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i like this girl @ my HS....i thought she liked one of my friends....well he's got a g/f and i found out that they used to go to the same school a few years ago....he claims that "its obvious that you 2 like each other" he thinks that its obvious that she likes me. Other people think that too....i really like her but i just kinda think that she doesnt like me.... my friend and i were talking about it when this girl's sister heard what we were talking about....she said "oooooo" and started smiling/giggling/laughing....the kid i was talking to knows her pretty well and he said that "even she knows that her sister likes u" i just dont know....everyone tells me i need to look @ it in their perspective....what do u think? does she like me or am i missing something here?

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We talk a lot... lol ....we're friends and sit by each other in most of our classes that we have together.


BTW, ive never had a g/f before....so im kinda stupid when it comes to dating/relationships. So,

im sure u will notice if sparks fly
im not so sure about that one....everyone keeps claiming that its obvious....they say i need to see things from a different perspective....maybe im just not seeing it.
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I say, who cares? She's single. Here's your chance. Whether she likes you or not, why waste your time thinking?


I said this before in another post, that:

Sometimes I wonder what would've happened had I told everyone how I felt about them. If the reaction was terrible, I would have been over it by now and noone would care. If the person responded how I was hoping, something incredible could have formed.


Good luck!

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ok...here's what happened....at lunch i was talking with my friends (the ones who say that that girl likes me) anyway, she was sitting 1 chair down from us....she asked us what we were talking about and one of my friends looked at her and said "we're talking about how he likes u" and she just looked at her and said "oooo i already knew that" and then she went back to doing her homework....what does this mean???

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