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Does this mean he's interested in me?

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Hi everyone,

Here's a quick summary of my encounter with this guy i recently met. Well last week I went to our univer. soccer game with a bunch of friends and met up with other friends waiting for us in the stands. I was having a blast enjoying my time with everyone and i noticed that i kept seeing htis guy glance at me. He was the roommate of one of my friends. So id glance back and he'd look away and then he'd glance back at me agian and we did this back and forth glance shy away thing for a bit. Well anyways towards the end of the game me and my friends had to leave to go catch our movie, on our way out i heard that guy ask my brother (who was with us) "Who is that?" and my brother responded "oh thats my sister." And more eye contact after that from eachother hehe..


The next day was our school's homecoming football game. So a bunch of us went to the football game again. And he was there too, for a while we just did the glance back and forth thing. He was sitting on the other end from where i was sitting. Towards the end of that game, these older men came and sat in the student section next to us. This one older man was telling me stuff like "i think your like the most beautiful girl ive seen" etc etc. Finally that guy (the one ive been glancing back and forth with) came over and started flirty teasing me asking me what that guy was telling me and if id like that man's number lol just to tease.


After the game we all went out to eat dinner together, and we were talking a bunch and joking around. He took one of my hairties and it was just really nice to be around him, just had that natural feeling of comfortableness about him. We then had to stop by the drug store so i could pick up my pictures and some bread. On our way home he asked me what i bought and i told him, not much just bread and my pics he's like thats it? And i told him yeah, then i remembered i forgot eggs and he's like "so u can make french toast? (joking, we were both laughing together) oh now we gotta go back!"


But what do u guys think? Does he seem interested in me??? I really like him from his personality and i feel very comfortable around him. My friends have known him for a while too so he's not a complete stranger.

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Its such a sweet feeling tho, its been a while since i felt this way since i last broke up with my long term ex last year.


I just keeping hoping that he'll hang out with us more often so we can continue this flirting thing. Cuz i really enjoyed it and am very interested in him.. if only he knew.. that id gladly accept a date with him but im not one to do the asking i usually like the guy to do that..just hope he'll follow thru with it

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Hello tropicaliris,

There are many hints you can drop to encourage him to make the next move! Smile at him when your eyes meet! This will really give him to confidence to come over and engage you. Make it obvious (to him at least), that you treat him differently from the way you treat other guys.


Keep dropping hints! Depending on the kind of guy he is, he may play hard to get, i.e. ignore your hints initially, but if you persevere, he'll eventually take the bait and ask you out. Don't forget to smile! It's the key to giving him confidence to approach you!


If you're the really shy type, you may be tempted to look away or look down when he approaches, don't do that! He'll simply think you're uninterested. All the best and keep us posted!

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Hey ducky thanks for replying to my message. I will keep dropping tho hints the first obstacle tho is getting to be around him. There was going to be an opportunity but interfriend drama is going on with our group of friends and now some of the guys wont talk to eachotehr making it difficult for us (ill refer to him as B) to be around eachother.


See B was going to come over and hang out with a couple of us at a friends apartment but he was with one of my other guy friends (ill refer to him as F)that is right now avoiding being around the other guys (of whom i was hanging out with this weekend). B told my friend that he was going to come over with F but didnt show up b/c F doesnt want to be around a certain friend i was hanging out with. thereforeeee me and B missed an opportunity this weekend... Lol.. maybe ill have better luck next time?


But yeah, he has been flirty last week so i hope im not reading any of those messages and completely misleading myself. And he was responding to my flirtations back too so im guessing thats a good thing unless he's just a flirty guy to begin with?

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