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loving a woman so much you cant control yourself?


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I just came out of what was a very short relationship. It was a good relationship but the guy I was with was much too needy. Im in the 'analyze everything' phase and I remembered something he told me. A couple weeks ago we spent the weekend together and he seemed a little distant when I would try to be silly and intimate with him. He told be later that the reason he kept distancing himself or leaving the room to go to the bathroom was because he was so overwhelmed by his feelings for me that he needed to get away...i dont really know what he meant by that but at the time I laughed when he said it because it sounded so weird. Im pretty sure it hurt his feelings and probably was part of the things that made him feel like I didn't care about him which led to us breaking up. But my question is, to the guys or anyone, have your feelings ever been so intense for someone that you felt like you needed to be away from them or like you had to become emotionally distant so you wouldn't lose control and what does that even mean? It actually sounds a little creepy to me but maybe that's just because I don't understand.

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I guess theres the whole 'keeping your walls up' thing to stop getting hurt. As in not letting the other person see how much you care about them and love them for fear of appearing vulnerable or weak so always kind of keeping a wall up between them and how you really feel.


But in a short relationship if he had to leave the room every time you were being intimate or silly because he was 'overwhelmed' if he was genuinely overwhelmed by feelings THAT quickly into the relationship. That is a bit weird.


Did he have sexual issues or problems with intimacy that could have been the real reason he was avoiding that side of things?

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We were together for two months. I wasn't ready for sex but he was and said he was ok with waiting. However, I didn't feel like us not going all the way didn't mean we couldn't do anything at all. But when I would try things he would basically act like he was afraid to touch me. He also told me he loved me about one month in and I said I wasn't ready for that either. Maybe its my fault he felt he had to hide how he felt...i just felt like two months was too fast to feel that way about someone.

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