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so weak when it comes to him..

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about six months ago i fell so hard for this guy, n i like him soo much! hes a player, and i no that but i cant get over him. he picks me up and drops me wheneva he wants and upsets me all the time. im really weak when it comes to him, and ive neva been this way b4 i promise myself like everyday that ill get over him but i cant.. can sumone help me out.. give me sum pointers that will help me get ova this guy.. thanx.

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Hi there,

One thing I have learned about players is that they misbehave and mistreat women because so many women allow it. They are spoiled by women's attention and it takes them a long while to change their ways, if ever.


The only thing I can say is that you need to value yourself. He will continue to play with you if you allow it. You are not special to him and he doesn't know how much you are worth. Love yourself girl and walk away and do your best not to look back. It will be difficult but you can forget hiim if you set your mind to it. He is not good for you and if you continue it will seriously damage your self-esteem.


Be strong, you can do it.

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Try to hangout with your friends , have a girls night out!


in the meantime you can try to join some sourt of sport that you are interested in or if sports not your thing There are a lot of cluBs you can join...

I REALLLLLY hope you get over this LOOOOOSER b/c you and Me both know that YOU are WAYYYY better and can get Better!


The main thing to do is just KKEEEEPP Busy Busy Busy!

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I agree with the above..especailly Muneca, she makes me agree with her.


Growing up in my area you had 2 things you never let anybody take. 2 things you never let anybody take is your pride and dignity. Seems like you already gave that up. Not only does he not have respect for you, but soon others will not have respect for either. It isn't just about him. If you let someone treat you like crap, then everyone else will start treating you like crap.


Think of it this way...if you had a younger brother or sister...would you want them to look at you getting used like this or would you rather set an example for them.


Stand up for yourself. When you come back I want you to tell us that you stood strong and you told that loser to get lost. You'll start to feel good about yourself...regain your identity. Never let anybody disrespect you.



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I acted exactly the way you are acting when I was 17....and you know what my problem was? I had no self-respect. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to attack you, but honeslty this was my experience. I'm now almost 21 years old, and I can look back on how I acted at that age (even though it was only a few years ago) and just laugh at how much bull**** i put up with when it came to guys. They knew they could walk all over me and I let them.....the first thing you should do is establish some major standards for yourself and take nothing less!

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