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what would you say/?


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so ive come to realisation that i like a guy however i dont want him to do anything about it well cause i know we will never work out or have some sort of future. The reason there would be no future its cause when were drunk we seem to be in bed together and well i dont even know if i want relationship right now and i dont think he does either but i just feel like i want to tell him so i can get it out of my chest. is that wrong? ive denied this feeling for almost 2 yrs now and i just feel like i should say something but is it worth saying something that you know that it may lead to no where?


So let me ask you this if i told you that i like you and i told you not to do anything about it? what would say to me in response? would feel weirded out cause you may not feel the same way and be totally awkward for the rest of the time?


i mean im contemplating to tell this guy but im afraid that after the confession he will avoid me and i will no longer be able to have my normal group of friends... or should i just let this go and forget about it?

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It isn't wrong to tell him how you feel about things, but don't tell him what not to do about it. Instead it should be you telling him what you intend or do not intend to do. His reaction will depend on how he feels about things. If he starts avoiding you or decides to cut contact with you because of it he is well within his rights to do so, that's just a risk you have to take.

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