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New to the dating thing, need some advice.

Josh G.

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Ok, Now, I finally got a gf, but dont know what to do now, At school, I see her in the morning right before class and I pretty much just walk up with my frineds and say "Hi" and leave because I dont want to hang out with all of her frineds and I dont know what else to do, the next time I see her is in my 4th period class, I sit next to her, and we talk about normal things, pretty much, nothing has changes since weve been going out, the boyfriend girlfriend thing is just a title, and if we wernt going out we would act the same around eachother, what I need to know is what is it supposed to be like, should I hang around her more, should I get more personal in what we talk about, things like that. Also I for some reason, I dont eat lunch, I prefer to go to the library on lunch and fool around on the internet and she is always in the caf, should I start eating lunch and going and sitting by her? Pretty much we talk a bit, then I say, ill c u in a little bit or ill talk to you in 4th, but I dont want to be a boring boyfriend who isnt very commited and doesnt do much, well, thanks in advance Josh G.

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Still be yourself, but as her boyfriend, you should show special interest in her. Put your arm around her, hug her, write her a note, whatever. She should probably doing the same thing too, but she may be shy as well. Once you get into the swing of things it'll get easier. When you start feeling more comfortable get more personal with her. Do something to show her you care. Otherwise, she could call any other guy friend a boyfriend, couldn't she?

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I'm new to this too, don't worry! but what I've noticed is that most of the couples at my school act just like they are friends. They're just friends with a title when they hang out with everyone else, they're just a lot more touchy. Like, they'll hang on each other, hold hands, the guy carries her books and stuff. Hope this helps!

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