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he gives me love advice but also flirts with me, Im confused

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Okay so this guy and I are good friends and talk quite a bit. He has given some signs that he likes me: eye contact, teasing, gifts, talk all the time, etc

We talk all the time and quite often we talk about relationships, and our theories on love, etc.


I think he likes me, but at the same time I keep thinking that maybe the reason we talk about relationships all the time is because I'm his girl buddy, that he can get a female perspective from. As well, I recently told him that in the past I have subscribed to a pseudo-"don't get too attached, don't get too hurt" philosophy, and he told me I need to stop that and live life to the fullest (not those words, but you know what I mean)..


So is this a hint from a guy that likes me, or advice from a friend?


help please! Thank you!

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ok well lets see here


i am not sure because i no me personally i ask my guy friends about advice and a guys perspective on stuff all the time and i dont like them i just like hearing them tell me what they think considering there a guy and all so ya..................................


but maybe he does like u cause he said that u see signs


do u like him?


hope this helps goodluck

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Telling the difference between a guy friend and something more is sometimes very hard. I find the best thing to do is listen to your gut feelings. How long have you known each other and how does he talk with his other girl friends? It pays to take note of this just to see if it's different with you. The best advise though is listen to your gut feelings though - if it feels like something more then it generally is. Good Luck!



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