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i'm going on 8 months of break up should i ask if hes happier now?

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i just wonder why ovur convo are still only wen he sees kids and like maybe hafe an hour

and should i ask if he is happyier now or found someone

i did this before he just say i dont know what to say

we were together 20 years had 3 kids

but grew apart etc...

i know for a fact he has someone i peeked in his email

but whatever

waiting for him to admitt that

then ill wish him well

i still cry and miss him at time but i dont he does thats forsure

any advice

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No dont do that to yourself, he 's gonna say, "what am I supposed to say" again. You dont want, need, or deserve to hear that again. Let his actions dictate your feelings. Its ok to cry, feel it, care for your relationship, but at the same time care for yourself more. Everything else will sort itself out.

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I think we all want to ask our ex if they are happier now, do you miss "us", have you met someone else... but the answers to those questions won't change our current position. All it does is risk us getting hurt when we hear the answer we aren't really prepared to hear. No matter what your ex says to you, your life is what YOU make it to be. Focus on making yourself happy, not worrying about his state of happiness. You are the most important person in your life, and you being happy with yourself is a very good example for your kids.


But yes, we all worry about what the ex is doing and feeling, and we all cry and tie ourselves up in knots. We just get better at distracting ourselves with more important things...

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