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Should I? Or should I not?


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There is this girl that I really want to talk to, but I only come in contact with her at church which is every Sunday and Wednesday. Other than that it would be through twitter. I haven't got her number yet, but over twitter I have talked to her once or twice. Nothing stupid, or annoying. Just simple stuff. I feel like she is a bit interested in me. I could be wrong, but I feel like she wants me to talk to her. I don't want to make the conversation over twitter, so I would DM her. (Direct Message, which is like private chat) Do you think that would be too creepy? Also there is an event we have this weekend with our church and I was going to ask her if she's going, but I feel like I would annoy her too much. I've never asked for her number, but I feel like it would creep her out in a way if I did since we're not too much in contact I guess. So yeah. ._.

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There's absolutely nothing creepy about asking a girl for her number. I'm always puzzled when I hear guys say things like "I would ask for her number but I don't want to sound creepy."


You have absolutely nothing to lose. Quit letting fear run your life and just ask for her number and invite her to go to the event with you.

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I swear, some of you young people could make anything creepy. Frankly, I consider having conversations on Twitter to be creepy, lol.


Anyway...just go to the event this weekend and hope she's there. If she is. try to be around where she is, and look for opportunities to talk casually to her. Then, how about afterwards, ask her if she wants to go get some ice cream. The weather's turning nice, it shouldn't be a creepy idea, and you can get ice cream at any McDonald's now and be in broad daylight.


And in the future, start hanging around her a little more and strike up conversations until you wouldn't be considered a creep to ask if she wanted to get together sometime for a date and to ask for her phone number.

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