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breaking up while living together with kids

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I had my heart broken after my girlfriend of almost 4 years broke up with me she has a child from a previous relationship and we have a 2 year old. Her reasons were that I was emotionally unavailable and I didn't show enough affection. The worst is that we live together. I understand her reasons because I let being unemployed affect my self esteem. I still get unemployment but we have been in a bad rut. I love her her and both kidsher with all my heart I met her oldest child when he was 3 now he's six and has heard the arguing. My 2 year old son is attached to me since I have been at her apart taking care of the both of them. She said she still has some love for me but can't make any promises of getting back together she just doesn't know if we are meant to be. But she also told me not to leave because of the kids, but right now she not in love with me. I have know idea what to do my heart is broken, and I told her I'm willing to fight for us. She said the ball is in my court now. What do I do with that uncertainty. It is hard to know that we broke up and we sleep in the same bed together. She cried when I tried to leave. And said I don't have to leave. I wonder if it's because she still needs my help with the kids and financially. I w as my to give it a try to show her that I can love her the way she wants and needs to be loved I just pray that I'm not setting myself up for failure , and I know it will be worse if I show her how even more depressed I am because of her decision I need some really good advice.

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