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List of Top Ten Contemporary Authors - Read and of These?


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I'm reading about DH Lawrence atm and it's hard to believe that he wrote so much in such a relatively short time. He was only 43 when he died, and he had so many setbacks in his personal and professional life. He was only writing for around 20 years. He was light years ahead of other people in his time in his thinking.


I don't know of anyone who would even come close to doing what he did and wondered if there are people like him out there now, churning away books. It's important to bear in mind that several books which are now considered his finest works were banned from publication for around 50 years - and there were public book burnings of his works as the morality of his time were outraged by his books which many deemed pornographic.


Well, I did a quick google on best contemporary authors and found this list. I think that I have only read Isabelle Allende, and I did like her books. She has an unusual background as well though very different to Lawrences. Have you read works by any of these authors. What did you think of the books and writers and are there others who you would consider truly exceptional in our current times.

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Actually, when it comes to churning out books and articles - there's Noam Chomsky who is also an international linguistics expert, but most of his books, if not all are political. He's quite amazing. A while back, there was Germaine Greer who also churned out a few - and she also was one of those people, ahead of her time whose opinions are now pretty much accepted as everyday. . . . Simone DeBeavoir, but she's been dead for a while.

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