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Are my dreams trying to tell me something?


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I've been having a few dreams about my ex friend (long story well documented elsewhere). In each dream she's trying to talk to me. I can't hear what she's saying but I turn around and walk away because I'm still too angry to talk to her or even be in the same room. She seems angry or frustrated that I'm not listening.


If it was just one or two dreams I might say it was coincidence but it's more like four or five times, each time the same thing. I'm normally sceptical about dreams having special meaning and don't attach too much importance to them, but is it possible that there's more to it?

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I dont know about telling you something but I do know how this feels. I dont know what ended your friendship but it always sucks. I had a bad falling out (again) with my ex bff and sometimes ill have dreams about her and even in the dreams, I cant bring myself to talk to her. Even though i really want to, i know its a bad idea. I would just take it as you are still having issues and feelings of it and thats why you are dreaming about it. At least, thats what I tell myself lol.

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Do you miss her?


Sometimes. She was a really great friend. She was kind, considerate and the sister I never had. She even used to iron my shirts if I stayed over (I'd never ask anyone to do that for me). Then her new boyfriend showed up and suddenly she became thoughtless, crass, arrogant and selfish. He brought out the worst in her like Jekyll and Hyde. I can't deal with all the drama any more

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Obviously this is an issue that means a great deal to you in your waking hours, understandably so; you lost a close friend in a way that feels confusing and unjust. I have also had similar things happen and dream about former friends and partners.


The human brain stores so much, when it's unconscious it regurgitates the strangest and most random things sometimes. Perhaps these are indicative of feelings and thoughts you already have while awake, but I don't think they have any special meaning that you don't already know.

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