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Not sure if this a good or bad sign

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So about 4 months ago this guy i had been seeing wanted to call things off. Said he had no time for a relationship. We're both in our senior year. He said he still wanted to be friends and since we are the same majors we had the same classes and would end up finishing up our degrees in the same classes I didn't want bad blood between us. No lie it was rough adjusting to being just friends. There were times I dreaded going to class because I would have to interact and see him but I trudged on.


In December, he re-requested to be FB friends. I asked him why when we were seeing each other he decided to block me and he said it made past relations difficult. I told him I still had feelings for him and that it wasn't a good idea. He said ok and nothing more to anything. All this time, I would occasionally look at his request and contemplate if I was ready. At times I thought why not? We're able to talk to each other in person. I no longer dread seeing him in class. Sometimes we text each other at night and the conversations last for a couple of hours. We've even hung out a couple of times. But each time I see the request I tell myself "no, not yet."


However, I noticed that last Saturday he cancelled his request. I didn't decline his request. It just up and vanished. I don't know when he cancelled it but I know it was recent. I'm not sure what to make of this as this has never happened to me before. What do you guys think? Good? Bad? Is he trying to tell me something? Or play mind games?

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My theory, and I'm sorry if this is hard to hear.


He doesn't mean anything by any of it. He just wants to be your friend. You're reading too much into things because you still have feelings for him.


I took this as a clue that he doesn't mean anything and isn't too worried about being more than just friends: When you told him you still had feelings for him, and that you didn't feel comfortable with having him on FB, he just said "Okay." That is a response which shuts down any communication that could have happened if there were still feelings there on his part. It was a distancing strategy, to keep you at arms' length.

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