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Ok, this post will be kind of long, but I need advice, soon!


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Ok, here I go (Please read on, even though this post will be quite long...) :


I've been looking for signs from any guy. I see my girl-friends with boyfriends, and my guy-friends with girlfriends! I feel very small and left out most of the time. Especially, when we are all in a group, talking and making somebody else ask another person out. I am usually just listening in these cases. Never really interacting or talking. I do, sometimes, switch my feelings around with guys. One day, I will believe he likes me, so I decide I kind of like him. Other days, I see him talking to a girl that I know likes him, and I feel hatred towards him. I guess I just start to like a guy if I pick up on a small sign that he might like me! I am, sometimes, shallow with guys. There is this one certain guy that I would like to ask out, but I am too afraid of hearing the answer 'No.'.


We have talked to each other a couple of times and it's usually him who starts the conversation. I don't know how he feels about me though. I really like him, and I wouldn't mind being his "girlfriend". He is really cute, which is kind of bad in my case, so he has probably been asked out by many girls. He is single at the moment, of course.


He has shown signs of him liking me such as: Staring at me, but when I catch him, he quickly looks away/ "accidentally" touching me when I walk past him/ joking around (Example-- He put his book on top of mine while we were waiting for the teacher to come and unlock the doors. He had said "Thank you. ". I didn't know what to do so I said "You're welcome...?" Then he said "Just kidding, just kidding! XD") / talking TO me (Example-- [This is right after the book Example.]- I was walking into the classroom and he suddenly told me something about a movie. I think. I couldn't really hear him... He was talking a little bit quieter then he usually does. All I could hear was: "Elliot", "You", "It's a really good movie!") / And finally, while we were at a "party", he never really looked me in the eye.


Do you think he is interested in me? I must add that I do have a little acne problem. (I'm not over-weight though.) I've known this guy for 2-3 years too. We talk as friends, but I feel as if I want more. Should I ask him out at all, or wait? There is also this other girl, who is single, and talks to him frequently. My ex-friend also likes him. Should I gather up my courage and ask him out before them?

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All I can say is your 13.


U have a whole life ahead of u. To worry about guys at that young age is crazy. If it makes u feel better I bet 80%+ of the people your age u see together at school these days won't be together after a year. Seriously, there's nothing shameful about not having a guy at that age, and if people mock u it just shows their imaturity. Unfortunately they won't see this til they grow up.


I didn't have a gf til I was 16 (best I had managed til then was a few snogs at parties, but no1 to actually hold onto or care about me), and I didn't really have feelings for anyone til I was 18.


Go to school, have fun, and don't worry about guys. Sure if a guy comes along great, but don't worry yourself over one. When u are older u will see the real picture when it comes to feelings for other people.

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Thanks a lot. ^-^; After reading your reply, I do feel different about having a boyfriend at my age. I know I am young, and I do realize that I have my whole life ahead of me. I guess I just got caught up in having a boyfriend.... I guess it would feel weird having one at my age.... Hm. I'll still have to think about it.

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It sounds to me like he does like you. He is starting conversations and flirting.. it's great!


You should take it for what it's worth and enjoy this time in your life. I remember when I was 13 and I had lot's of guy attention. I am really shy though it's hard to tell sometimes . In any case--You are still young, but nothing says you shouldn't have a good time being his friend. Whatever happens later will he a bonus.


Best wishes

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