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anyone here know anyenergy supplements?

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Nano nos, noxplode, nitric oxide. Probably the top three I hear of people spending there money on. My routine is 30grams of protein with in 30 mins of waking up followed by 2 nitric oxide caps, and 250 mg niacin, but then again I am self motivated about working out and only do that for diet reasons. But they will all get your heart racing, and you should feel up for any challenge that the gym offers.

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Have you tried 5-hour energy?


The Vitamin Shoppe makes an everyday women's multivite with B-vitamins in it that works for me. If you do take B-vitamins, avoid energy drinks though (too much B-vitamins are bad for your liver). If you need a big boost one day and you're thinking of doing Red Bull or something, don't take the B-vitamins that day.

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I've heard of noxplode. It won't get me buff or anything right? Lol. I'm not a body builder. Just tryna lose some belly fat, that's all. I've been taking D4 thermal shock for like 3 days and I don't think it's been working for me very well. I doubt anyone has heard of them either. Some guy at gnc just recommended them.

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I feel like no matter what I take I don't have energy or motivation


I am so sorry to say this but nothing in the world is going to motivate you hun. There is something, its called will power without that you are nothing. I could tell you to drink a redbull, or a monster, or have a triple shot of espresso, that will only give you a temporary boost but what you need is something more powerful. Its called will power.


You think that body builders take energy supplements every-time they have to hit the gym? You think the average joe is taking energy pills or energy shakes after work? No, they aren't they are just regular people who pull themselves up by their boot straps with determination and vigor and lift weights or run on the treadmill because they want to look and feel great.


Now, if you don't want to do that stuff, well i am sorry to say energy shakes and energy pills aren't going to make you want to do it. Unless you are anemic or have some sort of health problem which prevents you from actually having the energy necessary then yeah . . .


Even on less then 4 hours of sleep and no food and water for 2 days i can still do 1 hour in a gym. I would say start actually working out first before you turn to supplements. And if in fact you do feel unnaturally tired, well eat some fruits and vegetables lack of food can create unnecessary exhaustion.

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Ask a personal trainer at the gym

I am think and I have deficiency in iron and vitamins . So I'm tired most of the time , physically .

But I go to the gym 2/ week. Before I go , an hour before I have a meal. Then 5-10 min before I eat proteine bars. And i have chocolate milk after work out is A- mazing


Its after workout that you're supposed to feel good and energized and motivated... Not before

No one likes to go to the gym to push herself lol


But try to get more sleep of you aren't. Try to think of a time that is the best for you to work out . For some people it's te atnight so they fall asleep after. For other people it's better during the day .


What is exactly your workout ?

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I workout as well. I do insanity but I find it hard to push through some of the workouts. If i get extra energy I could probably lose weight faster. I have will power. I just would like a boost.


My sleep schedule varies. I would say on avg I probably sleep between 5-9 during the week. For example Friday night I slept at 3am and Saturday morning I woke up at 9:30am and didn't sleep again until 3am last night and woke up at 10am. I wake up so early because recently I have been having to go to the bathroom (#1) at 10am every day so I wake up, do my thing, eat, then stay up all day.

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I think you need to see a doctor for a complete work up and suggestions on how to work out in a healthy way. There are some great people here but you really want to see a trained professional about these things and not just take advice from random people on the internet.


Well, not everyone has to pay someone to find something simple out. You don't see me running to the doctor for a nosebleed similar to the way you don't see the average person paying a person trainer for something they could learn from reading out of a book.


I understand what you are saying now. You aren't able to maintain longer work outs because you get tired quickly. Well that's simple, it has to do with your cardio vascular strength which may or may not be at peak performance depending on how long you have been working out for. The reason why i said earlier to eat fruits and vegetables is because your bodies metabolism can break down those types of foods and use them to maximum capacity over long periods of time, especially if you are eating often and in short intervals.


I find that if you pace yourself, and eat right you can go for longer and burn more fat. Just be-careful that you don't injury yourself and make sure that you take breaks regularly. Try working out in intervals instead of continuously, i bet you will find that you can accomplish more this way, don't forget that the people in those workouts like insanity have been doing those routines for like 6 to 8 months every single day or they are basically professionals who have very high levels of cardio vascular strength.


I have always found that the best thing for weight loss is running. You can get your body fat low if you start actively running for 1 to 2 hours a day at a pace of around 7 to 8 mph. If you cannot run for more then 2 miles at a pace of 7 mph then your answer is that your cardio is weak.


Good luck,


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I like cardio way better than I do strength training. I find it easier. In insanity, however, it's like a whole bunch of everything in one workout. I feel like if I'm not doing what everyone else in the video is doing than I'm not trying hard enough. And if you've ever seen the workout calendar it says workout 6 days a week with one day break... I'm not athletic so it's a lot. That's why I wanted a supplement.


But yes, fruits sound like the way to go. I'll probably invest in some oranges and grapefruits since they're my favorite.

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Noxplode and nano nos will not make you buff by any means, it is simply for pre workout energy, go buy a small batch and take the rec'd dosage and tell me you do not want to do random backflips. Try it out. Also try working on your breathing while you work out, you would be surprised how much oxygen people waste inhaling an exhaling improperly. Its kind of like when men have sex and they "blow out" fairly quick, its most likely there muscles tensing up because they are so excited they forget to breathe right.

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No-Xplode is so nasty lol. I don't like the taste personally. Jack3d was great until they banned DMAA; a lot of products containing with DMAA was good but of course someone overdoses or improper use always result in some sort of ban.


Last one I did was "Craze" which was pretty good but could do without all the food coloring that's visible in powder form. I'm currently taking C4 Extreme. Pretty good stuff. I need a pre-workout supplement on top of little food in stomach as I get up around 5am. Not really awake then.

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Vitamin b12. I started a drink mix yesterday called 'spark' by Advocare. It's really good and works very well. You can buy it from a distributor or become a distributor and get a discount...but I just got mine on ebay. It's the best place to get it for a lower price. I spent a little less than $40 for about 42 servings.

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I like cardio way better than I do strength training. I find it easier.


Its not supposed to be easy.


That said, you stated that your main goal is to shed some belly fat. You can do all the cardio in the world and still have body fat. The best way to burn fat is to build muscle mass. Growing muscles eat calories all day long, even when resting. You dont need to get "bulked up" or ripped, just toned. Those recovering muscles will eat away excess calories and fat, you wont feel so drained and you will see the results you seek.

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