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He says the love is coming back I don't get it


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We been together for a year and 7 months we are 18


On Sunday he broke up with me. I knew something was up because the way hes been acting the whole week .. He texted me saying ,


"I got something to tell you, confess to you. Since the summer I really did lost love for you. I've been only with you because I didnt want to be sad.


I took the city bus to his house & I BEGGED him not to leave me ( That same day ) .. I was crying in his face & told him I didnt want to be with anyone else.. He still kept his word I tried to kiss him and he kept telling me to stop. He didn't feel the same way.. I cried , cried I said PLEASE don't do this PLEASE .. I went to his house and his sister let me in & I told him im not giving up on you ( I do this bull**** every time we get into an argument and he wants to leave).... This time he was leaving because he just didn't want to be with me anymore...



We are of course still together.. Although he said he WASNT going to say " I love you" intill he felt it was right ( I wasnt going to let the breakup happen) I stayed till he said yes. We had a therapy talk on the phone discussing all the things I need to change (Jealousy , anger , trust issues , ) And therapy talk about what he needs to change ( Being more open, communicating, showing feelings) I have been texting him ALL LOVEY DOVEY WOVEY AND NICEE and he said " Kai still loves you * I'm like hmm? and he says "don't worry its coming back from all this sweetness& your changing : ) "

He said he is feeling all happy again he even wanted to come to my house yesterday and spend time with me. when I asked but his dad said no.


Our monthy anniversary is on monday and thats when he plans to say " I love you" and things again but.. What does this mean? Is this right? How is this happening just because im being sweet?, Before we been arguing alot every week new argument which torn down the love. And I verbally abused ( I was mean )



Does this mean if I really change he will actually LOVE me again? Or just feel that he does? He told me the reason why he broke up he didnt feel compatible but now im trying to change

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